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Friday, January 30, 2009
Solution for Case 13

Radiographic findings: Complete fracture of caudal aspect of L6 and ventral displacement of caudal part of L6 and L7. Complete fracture of the left wing of the ilium. A lateral and VD radiographs of thoracic vertebrae were also taken and all appeared unremarkable. 

Diagnosis: Spinal cord trauma due to Fracture of L6/L7 (UMN damage to the spinal cord).

Differentials for the signs presented:
  • Lumbar or sacral spinal trauma
  • Trauma and fracture of any portion of pelvis

Treatment: Establish an IV catheter and place on twice the maintenance at 4ml/kg/hr fluid rate with lactated ringer solution. Administer buprenophine 0.2mg/kg IV for pain. Treatment options are spinal surgery and devices such as a doggie carts along with possible complications of urinary and fecal incontinence. After all diagnostics were evaluated, all the treatment options including euthanasia were discussed with the owner and the patient was euthanized with pentobarbital (390mg/kg). 

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