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Monday, September 27, 2010
Case 21
A 4 year old intact male pit-bull mix canine  was presented to ACaseAweek Clinic for generalised weakness and a swollen left hindlimb since one week. He is both indoor and outdoor and he is fed home made food which is mainly rice and chicken. He is upto date on vaccination, heartworm and ectoparasites control.

Physical Exam:
Weight 25.1Kg
T: 100.9*F
PR/HR: 90bpm
RR: 36bpm
MM: Pale
CRT: >2sec
EENT: Normal
M/S – Swollen hind limb with pitting edema that is not painful.
Thorax: Muffled heart sounds on auscultation, but regular with no arrhythmias or murmurs noted.  Possible diminished lung sounds.
Abdominal palpation – Enlarged abdomen, with fluid wave on palpation.
LN: wnl
Neuro,  rectal – not examined.
BCS:  2/5

CBC and Chemistry:PCV 27% ( 37-55)
RBC morphology: mild anisocytosis and normochromic – non regenerative
No microfilaria seen,
All other values: wnl
ALB 1.9 g/dl (2.3 -4.0)
BUN 33 mg/dl (7-27)  
Creatinine: 1.7 mg/dl (0.5-1.6)
TP 4.8 g/dL (5.2 -8.2)
Urinalysis (free catch):Mild odor,
Color: yellow
SG: 1.020
Radiographs (Click to enlarge):

What are radiographic and ultrasound findings?What is your tentative and differential diagnosis?
What further diagnostic tests you will perform?
What will be your treatment plan?

Solution to this case
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